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Welcome To Bright Kid Montessori House

Our Kamanahalli (Bangalore) Center

Bright Kid Montessori House, Kamanahalli has today completed 7 years service and has developed many children so far. It is perhaps the most reputed preschool in Kamanahalli area. Our activity based teaching methodology, focus on social and communication development and care towards children have contributed to build such a reputable preschool Kamanahalli which has huge support and patronage from the parents whose children have studied in Bright Kid Montessori House, Kamanahalli.


Our Team of Teachers At Kamanahalli (Bangalore)

Our Bright team of Bright Kid Montessori House, Kamanahalli is consisting of Head of Centre for overall management and Montessori Trained teachers for all the levels and Daycare coordinator. They are assisted by well-trained and caring attendants . The whole team has undergone the professional development program of Bright Kid Montessori House. Head of Centre: Ms. Swetha. Teachers are Ms. Deepashree, Ms. Alwyn Joshi, Ms. Roshna, Ms. Shaistha, Ms. Jasper, Ms. Shoba.



Our Facilities At Kamanahalli Center(Bangalore)

Bright Kid Montessori House, Kamanahalli is big double storied safe and secured infrastructure situated on 3500 square feet of area with outdoor and indoor play area has soft flooring and fitted with swing, slides, Tree house, Brightkid express, riding toys and cars for the children to play, interact and enjoy with their classmates. We have classrooms for all the levels, Montessori activity room, Smart digital class activity room, dinning room, office room for the visitors. We have the library and puppet house corner for enrichment and thematic activities. Our Montessori activity room is having the display of Montessori materials for all the levels. We have secondary gate control for safety apart main gate. The whole centre is under CCTV surveillance for security.
  • A beautiful green garden as outdoor play area.
  • A large indoor gross motor space with soft-mated flooring. Our large indoor play area has riding toys, climbers and slides and other play equipment’s, keeping in mind to facilitate the children’s motor skills and eye and hand coordination. Our resources and equipment’s are selected carefully in order to inspire the children’s creativity and learning.
  • Large open classrooms for all levels.
  • Our open and large classrooms are furnished with customised furniture for small children which are colourful, attractive and a perfect fit for young children. The furnishings and equipment are colourful and have textures that blend harmoniously with other features of the classroom space..
  • There are separate Montessori Activity rooms, dining room, smart digital class activity rooms and a separate office room for the visitors.
  • We also have early-years library corner and a puppet house for enrichment and thematic activities.


Phone: +91-9108050771
Email: chkmn@brightkidmont.com